Shipping Poles Using SW Cargo

Southwest Cargo (SWC) is one of the best cargo services in the world! Here's what you need to know regarding how shipments work:

After payment is received, poles will be shipped to your preferred SWC destination.

CLICK HERE for SWC Destinations.

CLICK HERE for SWC Facility Address and Operating Hours.

Once the poles have been shipped, you'll be given an Airway Bill Number (ABN). You'll need this in order to pick up the poles. In addition, the number allows you to track the shipment.


Once your shipment has arrived, go into the facility, give them the ABN and your ID (drivers license, etc.). They will then get your shipment, and tell you where to park to load the poles. You'll sign for the shipment, they'll give you a "pickup" receipt, and then you can load the poles and be on your way. SWC will usally hang onto a shipment for several weeks, but you should pick up the shipment within a few days of its arrival.